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In a web pages when you click on a hyperlink that is supposed to take you some other page or website, yet rather it redirects you to HTTP 404 Not Found message ( Than means URL incorrectly or the page your looking is not found)  this is a broken link. The most usual reasons for a broken link include, but are not limited to:


  • The target website is permanently unavailable
  • The target web page has been deleted
  • The target web page permalink was modified or changed


Broken links are disagreeable for end users or visitors of your website, and can badly hurt your website reputation and it's traffic. It establish sense that having a lot of broken links on a site is generally referred to as “link rot” also known as link death, link breaking or reference rot because it undoubtedly is as agreeable as that phrase sounds. Use our broken link checker tool to quickly find any dead links on your website so you can correct any erros right away.