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About Code to Text Ratio Checker

Code To Text Ratio Checker Tool Online

What is the Code to Text Ratio?

The Code to Text Ratio represents the actual percentage ( % ) of text available in a webpage and compared with the percentage of HTML code. This unique content ratio extracting tool will grab text from the paragraphs and calculates the extracted content ratio based on this information.

Why is the Code to Text Ratio is essential for Search Engine Optimization?

Computation and connection to a webpage is established by search engines bots and spiders with the help of Code to Text Ratio tool. All the webpages in world wide web may have more possibilities for higher page rank when they have a higher code to text ratio. Having higher code to text ratio will promotes your webpage to higher competition level, when it approach to onsite optimization checklist. Not all search engines bots will consider the code to text ratio in their algorithms, but it is most probable to play a part. 

How to check code to text Ratio?

Type your website Uniform Resource Locator i.e URL in the given input text box, Enter validation code (if any)
Click on the submit button to compute Text to Html Ratio. Our analysed results will be available in the Code to Text Ratio, Code Size and Text Size.

How to improve code to text Ratio?
An perfect text to code ratio is anywhere between twenty five to seventy percentage (%). If you have a low percentage you need optimize your website or web page.

  • Carefully reanalyze your HTML code is valid or not.
  • Delete all irrelevant coding.
  • Discard comments in the code.
  • Use Cascading Style Sheets language (CSS) for styling and formatting.
  • Delete all unutilized images.
  • Clear away all hidden content that is not seeable to web visitors.
  • If required add some more unique and quality contents to it.