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Seotools indian checks the Domain Name System record online DNS lookup tools is used to find all the DNS related records of any domain in world wide web. 

Find DNS records

By now, you know that after designing awesome website or template, you need a web space to host and domain name to resolve it. You also know that server's are not identify by it's domain names but it's recognized by Internet Protocol addresses.

How Domain Name Resolves?

When a end user types in in their web browser address bar and click's enter button, the web browser will start looking through the Domain Name Servers system and detect the assigned IP address of the website and then redirect to the appropriate web server which is allocate by a web hosting company, this server include the data contained on the website. Once server response, the web browser start opening the site.

What is DNS ? What is a DNS record?

Domain Name Servers (DNS) are the Internet's digital address book. They maintain a database of domain names,ip address,registration information and translate them to Internet Protocol (IP) addresses. This is inevitable because, despite domain names are very easy to remember and recollect, but computers or machines, resolves websites based on it's IP addresses

There are various terms associated with the DNS:

Domain Name Servers is a software program that is installed and configured on a web server which is used to facilitate the transfer of web data to the domain name system.

A Domain Name Servers (DSN) is a web server that has DNS software installed, configured and administered by web host company.Domain Name Servers (DNS) records are the data information that instruct the DNS web server which Internet Protocol address each domain is linked with, and also how to handle requests sent by different domain. These vital records play an important and critical role in functioning of the internet world.

How to use this tool?

Enter the required URL i.e Uniform Resource Locator in the given text box, type validation code(if any) and click submit. This result includes the following DNS syntax command the actions of the DNS server

  • An “A” record, which hold for “address” is the most important & fundamental type of syntax used in Domain Name System records, Which specify the real Internet Protocol address of the domain.
  • An “SOA” record stands for “State of Authority” and it is undoubtedly one of the most important Domain Name System(DSN) records because it stores crucial details like when the domain was last updated. 
  • The “NS” record abbreviation is “name server” and specify which Name Server is trustworthy for the domain. Each domain name system should be assigned a minimum of two name servers. The 1st name server is the crucial primary server for domain resolving, although if the main server is not responding then the secondary name server is will to resolve the domain name. 

For example, if your site is hosted on cloud web server then the name server used to manage your Domain Name System (DNS) records will be cloudwebserver will be common name servers, like this:

  • MX record is initialism for Mail Exchanger record. It is a kind of Domain Name System DNS facility record that defines a mail server which control electronics mail system for a specific domain name.
  • The “CNAME” record stands for “canonical name server” and serves to make one domain an alias of another domain. CNAME is often used to connect new sub domains with an existing domain's Domain Name System DNS records.

With this unique tool all you have to type the required Website URL and our server will take care the rest of the work by itself. If you want to get more information of your domain records then you can use our latest technology seo tools domain hosting checker tool and Whois Checker.