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Many websites owners don't like there visitors to view the scource code the of the page' and some are partially successful in restricting them by implementing javascript code on it. In spite of many security features there are lot of loophole from where we can view the source code of the website. Every web browser allows you to do this easily in simple terms we can't restrict the online user from viewing source code of the website. This source code checker tool can bypass all the java security feature, analyze the source code of the page and reports back to you. This tool will help you to grabber the source code the website online. guest users can simply view the complete Hypertext Markup Language code of the website. Some people assume that viewing a HTML i.e Hypertext Markup Language source code is of no use, but they are absolutely mistaken. By viewing a source code the website a new / junior web developer or a programmer can very simply understand the way in which coding as been be written by others, even some programmer copies and utilize the syntax of others in there program which help them in completing their projects. However, developer can not copy the total source code and apply it to his project, because of the patent rights. He can only take an idea or copy some syntax from the source code to apply it on his project.