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Why link analyzer tool is important?

Now a day's it is very essential to know linking related information of your website. This free link analyzer tool will assist you to detect both internal and external link related to your website. The main purpose of building this tool is to analysis links and compare the number of inbound links with your rival websites. Daily lot of new website are created and upload in world wide web which resulted in heavy web traffic and competition so it is very difficult to get your website in top one to five search engine result. that's why good search engine rankings plays a vital role in online business and the conversion rate of visitors to any website. If you follow google guideline for search engine optimization (seo) link building your website will rank better and keep up with your competing website. You should try to obtain links that your competing websites don’t have. One thing is very important that never depend or build links with link building generator software or auto link generator sites. build your web site links manually and maintain the SEO data records in a readable format for further strategies and for your analyse.