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About Link Price Calculator

Link Price Calculator Tool Online / Website Worth Calculator

This tools help's online visitor to evaluate the actual link price of the website. You can also analise how much you can charge for the advertisement on your website ? or pay for your regular text link ad's. Link price calculator generate an authentic computations based on the real time elements that really matter for advertisers such as Alexa page ranking, age of the domain as well as genuine backlinks pointing towards the website and other especially services as well.

Link price calculator for accurate calculations

Backlinks plays a essential role in the development of a website and there business. To survive in this competitive world advertisement is the only way to earn money and get profit to the company. All the advertisers gives there ad's and pay some bucks / cash to the website owner on every click on the link. So, now the main concern is how much a website owner should charge from there advertisement ?. If owner charges more money than the advertisers might be uncertain to come to your website again and if owner charges low price there might be chance of losing huge profits to the company. To assist the website owner in this situation link price search engine optimizer calculator online tool is used. This tool will evaluate the absolute cost to be charged from the advertisers thus accomplish website owner to reply the amount to the advertiser. To use this unique tool, a visitor needs to type the details of his domain in the give input text box and the tool will start estimate the amount to be charged per link depending upon the search engine optimization(SEO)rankings of the website.