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Word Count Tool Online Free / How many words are in my essay / what are characters in typing

Our word count tool is a free online tool which counts the exact words and characters in a easy or paragraph. Just you need to type the character in the given input text box. Our word counter tool will start automatically and counts the number of words & characters as you type. You can also copy and paste a word document phrases which you have already typed and our best word counting tool will spontaneous display exact number of character you have written.

Word counter tool online for essays

How does free word counter works?

This tool will help webmaster to check the exact number of word count. As per google guidelines for seo there is a limitations for meta title length and meta description length so this tool can be utilized for counting the number of characters and keep meta tile under 55 characters limit, meta description 160 characters limit. Manual word counting can is a very slow and tedious work so use our unique tool which counts word in a automatic fashion